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  • personal hygiene
  • domestic chores
  • individual counseling and care
  • providing additional services

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Elderly people can suffer from numerous health impairments. Then again, certain limitations require competencies that fall outside the scope of the care service's expertise. As we want to provide or find these services for you as well, we join with other competent partners and build collaborations.


In order to be able to guarantee a fast and correct supply of medication, we're working with our contracted pharmacy „ Apotheke Am Nollendorfplatz“. In addition to our own personnel, the pharmacy staff will be glad to assist you with all issues regarding the supply of medication.


We work with physicians and specialists who practice in the region because we truly care about preserving your health. We'll get you the prescriptions or referral that you need.


Our care already starts before you're discharged from hospital. We work with the regional hospitals and are happy to meet you in the hospital ward. The professional competence of our staff ensures a smooth care after a hospital stay. It also allows you to clarify all the questions and issues before you return home.

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