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It's certainly not easy when elderly or sick people suddenly have to depend on outside help. Personal habits and routines tend to get off track and the new situation requires a high degree of adaptability. We continually strive to make our patients' everyday life easier and as comfortable as possible. In line with this approach, the person and her/his dignity are our main focus.

The basis of our nursing tasks is the holistic care of the patients/clients including their individual, cultural and social needs with consideration of the home environment. Nursing is a service provided to healthy, sick, old and disabled people in all of life's situations, until death. Our goal is to to adjust and orient our nursing service on each client's individual and biographical life experience. We always aim to support our clients within the scope of our possibilities.

We see each person as a self-determined individual as we treat his/her wishes with dignity and respect while maintaining professional secrecy. By including the clients and their needs as well as their existing abilities, we perform professional, activating and planned care under the direction of M. Krohwinkel's nursing model and in accordance with the latest findings of nursing science. Clients will receive extensive consultation and detailed information that is appropriate for choosing the required services and oriented on their specific needs and general efficiency. With their approval, we include the social environment into our planning in order to retain and support optimum independence.

To us, nursing also means to create an atmosphere where our patient can feel comfortable and that is beneficial for her/his health. As far as possible, it is our top priority to restore the patient's optimum independence (competence in self-sufficiency).

Our personnel gets placed according to their qualifications and under supervision and guidance of a nursing manager. We constantly enhance our professional competence via our training plans, so that we can keep nursing as well as consulting and support at a scientifically sound level. Our nursing service stands out through the collaboration with physicians, physiotherapists, medical chiropody, health care supply stores (rehabilitation technology), relatives, health insurances, pharmacies and caregivers.

We also offer migrants from the Slavic countries comprehensive assistance, like Russian speaking personnel and providing contact details of relevant cultural associations and integration centers.

Our nursing services are planned diligently and supported and economically designed through an integrated documentation system.

Management and employees of the nursing service use this specific nursing concept as their role model.