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Khorovsky Konstantin

Assistant nursing manager / /
managing director

Buylenko Daniil

Nursing manager /
Managing director


Our staff members are selected according to strict criteria.

Konstantin Khorovsky - registered nurse and nursing manager

I knew at a very early age that I wanted to care for the sick and elderly. That's why, right after graduating from school, I decided to enroll at a college to start training as a male nurse. The medical college in Saint Petersburg offered me the best chances for a successful start into the working life. One of the first things I learned there was to make the needs of patients my priority.

Upon successful graduation from college, I worked as a paramedic for the Emergency Medical Services in Saint Petersburg, where I assisted the traumatologist. I independently administered first aid at accidents sites and drove the ambulance. From 2000 to 2002, I worked as a nurse at a hospital in Saint Petersburg, in the field of internal medicine ñ basic and treatment care.

After moving to Germany, I completed various internships for ambulatory care services and at the Jewish Hospital in Berlin, where I passed the recognition exam for becoming a registered nurse. After working in that field for a few years, I took another training course which I completed with very good results. Since then, I work as a nursing manager.

My professional career gave me the opportunity to gain excellent expertise, and I also adopted a very empathetic way of working. Empathy and commitment are top priorities for me.

Expertise, reliability, friendly and correct manners as well as being dedicated to help my patients round off my profile. I can also communicate with the patients in German, Russian or Serbian.

Daniil Buylenko - registered nurse and assistant nursing manager

In 1992, I completed my training as a registered nurse. Since then, I regularly attend further training courses and study specialized literature covering the topics nursing/care and the need for long-term care.

The Academy for Healthcare Professions in Germany recognized my professional qualification and I worked for a few years as a registered nurse. I successfully completed further training to become a "responsible care specialist and house coordinator in facilities of the ambulatory and stationary care of the elderly (according to ß71SGB X1)" as well as "quality manager in the nursing sector".

When I started my training, I was certain about what I wanted. My aspiration was to help people in need of care, to ease their suffering and convey a sense of vitality. Nowadays, my independence is based on those three focal points.

After being employed at a few nursing services, I knew I wanted my own vision to be the basis for my daily work. The idea to provide assistance was meant to replace the area of revenue maximization.

My friends describe me as a very loving and understanding person who is very good at addressing the needs of other people. Communication is essential for me to ensure optimal patient care. This can be done in Russian, Serbian and German.

Our staff

Nursing and care are performed under the permanent supervision of a qualified nursing specialist and her/his assistant. The nursing specialist has the legally and contractually required qualifications and meets the requirements to manage an ambulatory nursing service.

Responsibilities of the nursing management:

  • Consulting the person in need of care and his/her family
  • Initial visits
  • Professional planning and supervision of the care processes by conducting nursing rounds and/or visits by staff members
  • Duty and operational planning according to the patients' individual needs as well as the organizational resources
  • Instruction and supervision for keeping care records by conducting documentation inspections, for example
  • Professional planning and holding staff meetings is solely carried out by the nursing management

In order to be able to coordinate the care services and deal with questions and problems promptly and quickly, it is important to provide a centralized and competent management within the purposes of the patient orientation. The nursing management (among others) is therefore always available during business hours.

Our team consists of:

  • Nursing management
  • Assistant nursing manager
    • Geriatric nurses
    • Domestic helpers